VBB-3 on top of world top 10 cars list with 400mph speed | fastest car in the world VBB-3

The Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 is an absolute run machine and fastest car in the world. It have two things we love record speed and electric powered vechicle as in car racing games. It is made by  Venturi (Monegasque electric car company) and the Ohio State University that aim to shatter 400mph (644km/h) record for being world fastest car, on the Bonneville salt flats they are testing the speed and simultaneously trying to be a test bed for future electric vehicles.

VBB-3 is long and thin in structure which is designed perfectly for aerodynamics, unencumbered by the draggy intakes required to feed air-breathing engines which is perfect for car racing. VBB 3 have two of electric motors, each have 1,500 horsepower and is powered by 8 huge lithium-ion battery packs. Each Axle has an electric motor which is similar to what venturi builds for its sports cars, but with much higher voltage. There are 2 EV motors in each unit and they share a single cooling system and a common shaft. VBB-3 have made records earlier in 2009 and 2010 but it is yet to face biggest test of breaking 400mph speed records. The main challenge is where to get the energy from ?  For VBB-3, that means lithium-ion battery packs from A123 and the rest of work of integrating them in the powertrain, cooling them and more are done by engineering students at OSU as in car games.

Keeping the motors cool enough during the car's minute long runs is crucial. The real limit to how long you can push the motors is ensuring you don't exceed the temperature limits of the magnets, electrical windings and insulation. These motors have oil cooling jackets over the stator, and we also pump oil over the magnets for the best possible cooling. The motors and inverters are down to 0 degrees Celsius just before the run, and they will be at operating temperature in around 60 seconds after they start the motors which make this the best car in the world.

VBB-3 gear box is specially designed by Hewland in UK, the car also have suspensions that are hanging from gear box casing. VBB-3 is the only speed car in the world with a friction brake that will work even at more than 300mph.

VBB-3 reached 300mph mark and it will get better in this 2016 said the owners. Even if it didn't reach 400mph the team still learned a lot last year and are trying to make it better this year to get its ultimate goal of reaching 400mph and with new installations this year this can be the most expensive car in the world

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