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Skullcandy and its Marvelous Journey :

Skullcandy is one of the leading headphones maker in the world was founded by Rick Alden in 2003. The first Skullcandy product is the Skullcandy Portable Link and it was introduced at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The LINK system combined headphones with hands-free cellular technology, allowing users to listen to music from a portable audio device even while making and receiving calls through their cell phone. In 2003, Alden sold the first batch of earphones to Milo Snow & Skate, an action sports shop in Utah.

Alden was named as one of vSpring Capital's "Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs" of 2008, and holds a patent for technology that integrates mobile phones and music players, LINK technology. The Skullcandy logo was designed by Jef Ingram.

The company was named "the world's coolest ear bud," by Fortune magazine in 2008. In 2005 the company had $1.3 million in annual sales, while its 2009 ranking puts it in place to hit the $100 million mark. As quoted by the Salt Lake Tribune, "We're gunning for No. 1," said Andrus, Skullcandy's President.

In April 2011, Skullcandy brought fellow headphones manufacturer Astro Studios. The reason for doing so was to exchange information for the planned second generation of Skullcandy gaming headsets.

Skullcandy has a wide range of headphones. These Earphones comes in a wide range of colors, graphics, and designs ranging from over ear headphones to on-ear headphones such as the Mix master earphones (over ear headphones), the Aviator earphones (over-ear model), and the Titans which are in-ear model. Skull Candy also have several speaker docks for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. In 2012 Skullcandy unveiled their first gaming headset after few years, entitled SLYR.

Initially the model was met with mixed responses, and several months later they successfully launched a higher priced headset titled PLYR 2. The company's most recent releases are the $179.99 Dolby Surround Sound PLYR 1 headset, and the sub-woofer utilizing $99 Crushers.

Types of Earphones that are available in Skull candy:

Ink'd 2 :

Ink'd 2 is Claimed as the top selling bud in America, Skullcandy's entry level product is also their No.1 selling product. The model is available in most retailers and in a wide range of colors, the ear buds feature 11mm drivers, a flat cord, and an inline Mic 1.

Smokin Bud :

The Smokin Buds are of mid range model of earphones from Skullcandy featuring 9mm drivers and a Mic 1. It feature a flat tangle free cord. Like most other products from Skullcandy, the Smokin Buds 2 feature a wide assortment of color schemes. A wireless version of Smokin Buds 2 is also available.

Hesh 2 :

Hesh 2 is Skullcandy's flagship over ear headphones. Like many other Skullcandy products, Hesh 2 is available in a large variations of colors. A wireless version of Hesh 2 is also available from skull candy, which uses Bluetooth 4.0.

Crusher :

These headphones are notable for a special slider for bass adjustment. When the bass slider is put into its highest position, the bass is extremely intense and causes the headphones to vibrate in a way, which is described in a PC Magazine review as "ridiculous." They are equipped with an internal amp and a detachable cord.

XTfree :

These wireless earbuds are aimed towards people with active lifestyles. They are equipped with Bluetooth. The wired version, called the XTplyo, is the same aside from the lack of wireless functionality. They come in Men's and Women's versions.

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